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We are rapidly approaching a future where the most permanent monuments we leave behind are not the concrete structures that make up our cities but the plastics and trash we build future structures on top of. To illustrate this I've created a barren wasteland of salt fields left behind from evaporated water revealing petrified monuments of the trash we leave behind in our environment. With this image at the center I created pieces to provide context from our present to potential conclusions, where we are headed and where we should be headed. This project is a surreal visual exploration of Symbiosis: Interaction between two organisms living in close proximity , typically (preferably) to the advantage of both.


This project documents my experiments in combining digital and analog processes. My goal was to replicate the effects achieved in photoshop layers, manually by layering elements pulled from the digital realm; some were exposed onto metal plates and silk screens, others were printed out and drawn on by hand. They were then scanned and combined with abstract elements made from India ink, watercolor and paper marbling techniques. I enjoy the imperfections of printmaking, they show the human hand in an organic way, the same way i believe it's possible for the human hand to be found in nature.